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The Accounting Services budget program represents the core operations of the Department and provides many varied services to the County, Independent Special Districts, cities and schools as listed below.


Prepares accurate, complete, and timely financial records

Operates, maintains and enhances Countywide financial and payroll systems

Pays all employees in a timely manner

Controls disbursements to vendors

Records the deposit of funds 

Manages the County’s cash position

Provides revenue distribution services

Continuously improves customer service to County Departments and other agencies by utilizing new technologies to enhance processes, improve accuracy, and timeliness

Allocates and distributes property taxes to all County tax agencies within established timelines

Provides professional service assistance for general accounting, disaster accounting, budgeting, systems, and fiscal advisory services

Provides regular and updated accounting and payroll training for employees throughout the organization


Applications Development and Systems


Maintained 67 departmental and Countywide financial applications and related support hardware.

oContinued to implement the Auditor-Controller’s functionality in the new property tax system for roll corrections, supplemental billing, and distribution;

oImplemented new equipment and workstation sharing policies to better accommodate telecommuting and alternative work schedules, while using resources efficiently;

oAdded new features and edit controls to the web-based time capture system.

Relocated Auditor server infrastructure to the Emergency Operations Center in order to provide a more stable environment for mission critical systems.


Property Tax Administration


Administered the distribution of $837 million in taxes to 8 cities, the County, 24 schools, 49 special districts, and 7 RDA successor agencies.

Continued the long-term implementation of the Redevelopment Dissolution Act that dissolves Redevelopment Agencies (RDA), pays down their outstanding debt obligations, and reallocates property tax dollars to other local tax agencies.

Continued the implementation of the multi-year tax exchange agreement between the County and the Fire Protection District

Worked jointly with the Treasurer-Tax Collector to complete the last phases of implementation of a new vendor purchased property tax system (Aumentum) that went live in early FY 2014-15.  Worked on reducing backlogs of transactions caused by the implementation of the new tax system.  Five FTE Systems Development staff are dedicated to this effort.  The A-C applications within this vendor system will have to be supplemented with additional subsystem components or require further development within Aumentum outside the scope of the current project.


Payroll Operations


Timely and accurately processed approximately 124,767 County payroll payments, annual wage reporting, 34 total federal and state Quarterly payroll tax returns and 82 total payroll tax deposits to federal and state authorities.

Timely and accurately processed payments and annual wage reporting to Election Workers of two County Election Cycles.

Continued to meet the Affordable Care Act payroll reporting requirements.

Continued to review countywide compliance of the Fair Labor Standards Act overtime laws.

Published Catastrophic Leave Donation Program.

Implemented changes mandated by 7 new union negotiated MOU contracts.

Developed automated payroll adjustment feature which will eliminate hours of manual calculations by departmental and A-C payroll staff.

Published comprehensive index-linked New Hire Form for Countywide use.


Financial Accounting and Customer Support


Validated and recorded 106,000 transactional documents, which included claim payments, vendor changes, general ledger accounting transactions, budget entries, deposit entries, and journal entries.

Provided full time customer support to both internal and external customers through the Auditor Help Desk, assisting with a wide range of system, claim, and reporting related questions.

Automated the update of vendor data from Payroll to FIN.

Implemented and utilized a new 1099 reporting database.

Improved employee vendor data maintenance process, as well as automated the direct deposit change notification, resulting in considerable time savings and improved internal controls.

Provided multiple trainings to FIN users, including Introduction to FIN, Travel Claim reimbursement training, Fiscal Year-end training and many department-specific trainings.


Advanced and Specialty Accounting


Generated, reconciled, and managed the expense reimbursement process for the Refugio Oil Spill.

Managed a variety of complex revenue and tax distributions throughout the year including Public Safety Realignment 2011 and continued changes to realignment distributions.

Conducted an internal review of the workflow and internal control processes for reviewing Board Letters, Grants, Contracts, and Leases for A-C concurrence prior to submission for Board action. 


Applications Development and Systems


Completing the implementation of the Property Tax System will be the Department’s top priority.

Develop additional controls and capabilities (e.g. overtime and leave management) for the time capture system deployed in January 2016.

Extend our current strategic plan for application maintenance and development to 5 and 10 year periods.

Maintain and enhance the 67 applications in the A-C that serve multiple departments and County agencies.

Implement a process and system to maintain documentation for Auditor systems.


Property Tax Administration


Distribute an estimated $860 to $885 million in property taxes to local agencies annually.

Plan for the administration of the consolidated RDA Oversight Board (July 1, 2018) and the RDA dissolution process.

Eliminate any remaining transaction backlogs caused by the implementation of the new system.

Implement necessary subsystems to better interface with the new core Aumentum property tax system and create more efficient processing.


Payroll Operations


Manage biweekly payroll process for approximately 4,870 employees.

Continue to work with the Human Resources Benefits Division t0 review the evolving requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA); aide eligibility determination reporting and fulfil reporting requirements.

Participate in constant improvement of technology supporting new-hire onboarding, employee changes, payroll cost accounting, payroll calculations, and reporting.

Continue publishing periodic newsletters for up-to-date Payroll compliance, training and policy compliance.

Provide Countywide department-level training to HR/Payroll administrators for accuracy, efficiency, and compliance with MOUs, employment laws, and Civil Service Rules.

Division cross-training and rotation of duties for enhanced internal controls.

Collaborate with Applications Development Division to enhance time capture system improvements.


Financial Accounting and Customer Support


Provide additional FIN training offerings utilizing expanded platforms.

Finalize changes to the new 1099 reporting database.

Continue to seek out improved efficiencies and controls in the processing of claims and general ledger transactions.

Validate, process, and record all annual general ledger accounting transactions including a high volume of deposit entries, journal entries, and claim payments.

Respond to customer service requests in a timely and efficient manner.

Contact the frequently used vendors in order to sell them on direct deposit.

Work with Purchasing to develop a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a new integrated purchasing system including document workflow.


Advanced and Specialty Accounting


Support and enhance the County’s contract review process.

Assist departments and agencies in the complex allocations of inter-agency revenues and taxes.

Report timely and accurate information on Sales Tax, TOT, and financial information to the State for Special Districts.

Work to improve revenue forecasts and predictions for Sales Taxes, Transient Occupancy Taxes and Realignment Revenues.

Support cost recovery for disasters and extraordinary incidents and implement procedures that allow for more timely reporting and claiming for such events.

Provide support to the finance committee of the Northern Branch Jail project.


For a printable PDF version of the Recommended Budget book please visit https://www.countyofsb.org/budgetbook