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Case Management and Collections comprises the entirety of Child Support Services Department:  Administration, Case Creation, Establishment, Enforcement, and Collections.


Collected and distributed over $27.2 M for child support in the Federal Fiscal Year ending September 30, 2016. Of this amount, $23.3M (85.6%) went directly to families; $12.4M of these funds went to families who previously were, but no longer are, on public assistance.  Collected and returned $3.7M (13.4%) to the Federal and State Governments and $250K (0.9%) to Local Government to reimburse expenditures for public assistance grants.

Reduced by 35% the average number of days to receive a first payment on a new case with an existing order.

Migrated 73% of cash paying customers to alternative forms of payments (PayNearMe and MoneyGram) and became 3rd highest in the State for number of clients and dollars paid utilizing PayNearMe.

Strengthened state and local processes for filtering automatic service requests, thereby eliminating duplicative effort.

Expanded electronic court filing using the public web portal for legal actions such as Default Judgments and Notice of Motions.

Implemented electronic service of process through Child Support computer system, thereby increasing efficiency and timeliness.

Conducted an educational workshop for North County employers on wage garnishment process and technology.

Continued ongoing efforts to strengthen partnerships and build referral systems to community providers through recurring Parole and Community Team (PACT) meetings with partner agencies as well as joint meetings / trainings with the Department of Social Services (DSS).

Underwent cash collections audit by the external audit firm of Brown Armstrong which resulted in no audit findings.



Work with State to have payment kiosk installed adjacent to the Lompoc courtroom, thus simplifying and expediting the payment process for Lompoc customers.

Educate customers and other agencies regarding the availability and benefits of payment kiosks so that Child Support Services no longer handles cash.

Continue ongoing efforts to strengthen partnerships and build referral systems to community providers.

Increase efficiency by implementing new technology tools, including TurboCourt (an interactive, web-based system which allows participants to submit an application for Review and Adjustment of their court order), DocuSign and texting tools.  

Implement electronic lien processing system with the Clerk-Recorder-Assessor.

Expand electronic service of process using the Court’s public web portal, thereby eliminating hard copy and mailing services.

Continue to develop and implement processes to further ensure that security and confidentiality of the department’s data complies with State and Federal mandates.

Upgrade technology infrastructure and operating platform to include State-funded new computer equipment for all staff in 2018.

Continue process improvement and technology enhancement strategies to improve performance and overcome technical barriers.

Perform an assessment of the Department’s utilization of office space in Santa Barbara and develop cost-saving recommendations.  


For a printable PDF version of the Recommended Budget book please visit https://www.countyofsb.org/budgetbook