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Mission Statement

Deliver County services in accordance with the Board of Supervisors’ (Board) strategic goals, operational priorities, and budgeted resources.

About the Department

The General County Programs budget contains those programs and projects which are not directly associated with one specific department.  Programs may move into or out of General County Programs from other departments as they become established and a more appropriate department structure is identified.   These General County programs currently include:


Support to Other Governments & Organizations including the Human Services Commission, LAFCO, Montecito Fire Westmont Annexation, and support to the Betteravia Child Care Center.

Reserved & Committed Funds consisting of increases and decreases to committed fund balances (including increased funding for maintenance, North Branch Jail operations and the Strategic Reserve), Criminal Justice Facilities and Courthouse Construction debt service payments.

Ancillary Services which consists of debt service payments for General Fund projects, Public and Educational Access, Board support, South Coast Task Force on Youth Safety support, and general administration.

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