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North Branch Main Jail Project
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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Northern Branch Jail project is to construct a modern and efficient AB900 Northern Branch Jail on time and within budget.

About the Department

The Northern Branch Jail Campus is located near the City of Santa Maria, California. The facility is being constructed on a fifty acre County-owned parcel located at the intersection of Black and Betteravia Roads. The Northern Branch Jail (AB900) Project consists of a 134,000 square foot facility with a 376 bed capacity. Estimated completion of the facility is November 2018.

Recommended Changes and Operational Impact



Net operating expenditure increase of $41,460,000 due to:

o+$41,460,000 increase to Services and Supplies comprised almost entirely of the anticipated progress of the Northern Branch Jail (AB900) project.  Construction began in Fiscal Year 2016-17 and will continue during Fiscal Year 2017-18.  The construction Contractual Services are the primary component of operational expenditures and the costs are budgeted to reflect the planned progress of the project.


These changes result in recommended operating expenditures of $73,849,000, non-operating expenditures of $200,000 and total expenditures of $74,050,000.




Net operating revenues increase of $34,463,000 due to: 

o+$34,463,000 increase to Intergovernmental Revenue which is comprised entirely of anticipated reimbursement of State AB900 award funding which is directly related to eligible reimbursable construction costs.  These are budgeted to coincide with the planned progress of the project.

Net non-operating revenue decrease of $9,532,000 primarily due to:

o-$15,189,000 decrease in General Fund Transfers and Transfers from Other Funds due to one time additional funding for the project.  

o+$5,657,000 increase to Use of Fund Balance from anticipated draw of committed fund balance due to the planned progression of the project.



These changes result in recommended operating revenues of $64,505,000, non-operating revenues of $9,545,000 and total revenues of $74,050,000.  Non-operating revenues primarily include General Fund Contribution, transfers, and decreases to fund balances. 

Proposed Changes and Operational Impact


The FY 2018-19 budget is decreasing by $64,421,000. This is primarily due to the anticipated progress of the AB900 project construction.  The project is expected to be completed in the first half of the 2018-19 Fiscal Year and the costs are budgeted to reflect the lower construction costs.



For a printable PDF version of the Recommended Budget book please visit https://www.countyofsb.org/budgetbook

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