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Mission Statement

In collaboration with our customers, we hire, develop, support, and retain an ethical, diverse, and high-performing workforce dedicated to providing excellent service to the community.

About the Department

The Human Resources Department is responsible for implementing strategic workforce policies that support the directives of the Board of Supervisors, CEO, and the mission, goals, and objectives of the various County Departments.  Human Resources works as a consultative partner with all departments to create a County government that is accountable, customer-focused and efficient.  


The Human Resources Department is comprised of six budget programs:

1.Administration – This budget program provides executive, fiscal, and operational oversight and services to the HR Department to ensure that HR is responsive to the needs of the Board of Supervisors, CEO, and our customers.

2.Employee Relations/Benefits – This budget program is responsible for overseeing HR’s relationship and negotiations with labor organizations and the provision and administration of the various County benefit programs.

3.Recruiting and Classification – This budget program assists County departments in meeting their goals by acquiring highly qualified candidates to fill a wide variety of County positions and assisting County departments in meeting their objectives by appropriately classifying positions.

4.Employees’ University – This budget program focuses on expanding and enhancing organizational capacity by delivering relevant and effective employee development programs.

5.Shared Services – This budget program provides HR management services and consultation to the various County Departments to provide responsive, consistent, and high-quality services. 

6.Employee Insurance – This budget program contains the funds for the County’s Unemployment and Self-Funded Dental Plan.  Employee Benefit staff oversee these funds, but there are no FTEs budgeted to the program.

Recommended Changes and Operational Impact



Increase of +1.0 FTEs:

o+1.0 FTE as a result of transferring EEO Manager Position from CEO to Human Resources in July, 2016


Net operating expenditure increase of $192,000:

o+$382,000 increase to Salaries and Benefits due primarily to increases from salary increases, increased retirement and health insurance costs (+$208,000)  and transferring the EEO Manager position to Human Resources (+$174,000)

o-$152,000 decrease to Other Charges due primarily to anticipated reductions in Self-Funded Dental Claims (-$121,000) and Unemployment Insurance Claims (-$31,000 based on an actuarial assessment of the insurance programs

o-$38,000 decrease to Services and Supplies primarily due to one-time expenditures in FY16-17 that are not necessary in FY17-18


Net non-operating expenditure increase of $207,000 due to:

o+$129,000 Increases to Fund Balances account for the Unemployment Insurance Fund and +$78,000 Increases to Fund Balance Account for the Self-Funded Dental plan based on an actuarial assessment of anticipated premiums and claims for that fund


These changes result in recommended operating expenditures of 8,665,000 and total expenditures of $8,877,000. 


Net operating revenue increase of $472,000:

o+$368,000 increase to Miscellaneous Revenue to the Self-Funded Dental plan (+$220,000) and the Unemployment Insurance Fund (+$148,000) based on actuarial estimates for the two funds

o+$57,000 increase to Intergovernmental Revenue due to award of a grant from the Adult Education Block Grant

o+$46,000 increase to Charges for Services as result of transferring the EEO Investigation function from the CEO to Human Resources 

o+$1,000 due to increase to Interest received on the Dental and Unemployment Fund Balance


Net non-operating revenue decrease of $68,000: 

o-$111,000 decrease to the use of Fund Balance for the Self-Funded Dental plan (-$267,000) and the Unemployment Insurance Fund (-$46,000), partially offset by an increase in the use of fund balance for Human Resource Programs (+$202,000)

o+$43,000 increase to the General Fund Contribution for salary and benefit  increases 


These changes result in Recommended Operating Revenues of $3,383,000, Non-Operating Revenues of $5,489,000 and Total Revenues of $8,872,000.  Non-operating revenues primarily include General Fund Contribution and changes to fund balances.

Proposed Changes and Operational Impact


The FY 2018-19 proposed expenditures reflect a $303,000 decrease over the FY 2017-18 Recommended budget that is primarily the result of:


-$274,000 decrease to Services & Supplies that is primarily due decreased one-time purchases of furniture, computers, and supplies (-$177,000)  and decreases to outside consulting fees (-$98,000), 

-$37,000 decrease to Salaries & Employee Benefits, based on reallocation  of an existing management position to a lower paid staff position

+$4,000 increase to Other Charges due to utility rate increases

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