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General Services provides a full range of services, guidance, and expertise that enables County government to deliver public services effectively.

About the Department

The General Services Department delivers an array of support services to the other County departments.  The Department’s vision is to provide excellent customer service and exceptional value in supporting the delivery of County services.  These are the keystones to the Department’s business culture.  These services include the following:

Administration and Finance

Administration and Finance provides the fiscal and administrative support and oversight for the Department. 

Capital Projects

Capital Projects provides full service planning, design, and construction of new County facilities, including remodels and related projects for all County departments.

Facilities & Real Estate Management

Facilities & Land Management provides safe and healthy facilities for County employees and visitors.

Fleet Operations

Fleet Operations meets all of the transportation needs of County departments by procuring, maintaining and disposing of all light, medium and heavy duty vehicles and equipment.

Information & Communications Technology

Information & Communications Technology enables County departments to provide effective services to citizens through innovative technology solutions.

Purchasing, Surplus Property, Mail

Purchasing provides centralized procurement and disposal of County commodities and supplies. 

Recommended Changes and Operational Impact



There is a 5.5 FTE decrease proposed for FY 2017-18.  Due to a procedural irregularity with the budget development system, the FY 2016-17 Adopted Budget omitted the addition of two EDP Office Automation Specialists in Information and Communication Technology.  The Budget Overview on the prior page should display 121.0 FTE instead of 119.0 FTE for FY 2016-17.



Net operating expenditure increase of $354,000 due to:

o+$354,000 increase in Services and Supplies is due to one time funds for maintenance projects.

o+$254,000 increase in Other Charges primarily reflects increases in depreciation due to the replacement of fully depreciated assets. 

o-$254,000 decrease in Salaries and Employee Benefits primarily due to the unfunding of 5.5 FTEs.


Net non-operating expenditure decrease of $1,870,000 due to:

o-$2,100,000 decrease in Capital Assets reflects fewer vehicles required for fire, primarily two ladder trucks at $2,350,000, and offset by an increase of $925,000 for the public safety radio system.

o+$6,000 increase in Other Financing Uses in the Utility Fund for solar debt repayment.

o+$224,000 increase in Intrafund Expenditure Transfers (+) reflects increases in the pool of costs for internal Departmental allocation of administrative support.


These changes result in Recommended operating expenditures of $47,550,000, non-operating expenditures of $15,458,000, resulting in total expenditures of $63,008,000. Non-operating expenditures primarily include capital assets.



Net operating revenue increase of $472,000 due to:

o+$814,000 increase in Charges for Services primarily due to increases in water costs ($271,000) and project management charges for the jail ($243,000).

o+$8,000 increase in Use of Money and Property due to an increase in Interest Income ($37,000)  that is offset by a reduction in Other Rental of Buildings and Land (-$29,000).

o-$2,000 decrease in Licenses, Permits and Franchises due to an estimated reduction in franchises.

o-$109,000 decrease in Intergovernmental Revenue reflects federal receipt of funding for capital improvements at the Santa Ynez Airport due to the project life cycle.

o-$239,000 decrease in Miscellaneous Revenue primarily reflects a recategorization of Courts revenue to the Intergovernmental Revenue-Other object level. 


Net non-operating revenue decrease of $1,988,000 due to:

o-$3,814,000 decrease in Other Financing Sources primarily reflects decreased transfers in for various completed capital projects offset by an increase of $925,000 for the public safety radio system.

o-298,000 decrease in General Fund Contribution due to retirement costs and other County structural deficits, offset by an increase of $18,000 for ongoing maintenance of the Isla Vista Community Center.

o+$224,000 increase in Intrafund Expenditure Transfers (-) reflects increases in the pool of costs for internal Departmental allocation of administrative support.

o+$1,900,000 increase to Fund Balances primarily from an increase of $175,000 in the 18% Maintenance Policy funding, a one-time expansion of $1,190,000 for maintenance, and an increase in the retained earnings draw in the IT fund for fully depreciated asset replacement.


These changes result in Recommended operating revenues of $36,325,000, non-operating revenues of $26,683,000 resulting in total revenues of $63,008,000. Non-operating revenues primarily include General Fund Contribution, transfers, and decreases to fund balances.

Proposed Changes and Operational Impact


It is anticipated that operating expenditures will decrease by $710,000 and operating revenues will decrease by $1,462,000.  With the exclusion of Internal Service Funds, there is a budget gap of $1,202,000 in FY 2018-19, to maintain FY 2017-18 levels of service. An additional source of funding would need to be identified to prevent for service level reductions.

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