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To plan for and promote reasonable, productive, safe, and sustainable use of land to foster economic, social, cultural, and environmental vitality across the County by providing quality policy development, planning, permitting, and inspection services under the policy direction of the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commissions.

About the Department

The Planning and Development Department has five Budget Programs:  

Administration & Support 


Coastal Mitigation 

Code Enforcement 

Long Range Planning


The Department strives to create and maintain great communities, including a quality built and natural environment, through its programs.  The Department:

Provides information to the public about zoning, building, grading, and petroleum regulations.

Ensures safe construction through the review of plans and inspection of buildings throughout construction.

Responds to public complaints regarding building, grading, petroleum, and zoning issues.

Reviews private development projects to ensure consistency with State Law, Comprehensive Plans, and Zoning Ordinances.

Ensures compliance with permit conditions.

Oversees oil and gas and mining development, including permitting facilities and ensuring facilities comply with permits.

Manages and updates the Comprehensive Plan.  Researches and develops land use policies, programs, and ordinances at the direction of the Board of Supervisors to foster long range economic, social, cultural, and environmental vitality throughout the County.

Recommended Changes and Operational Impact



Increase of 0.21 FTE:

oThe 0.21 FTE increase reflects the net effect of changes in three part-time positions, all of which occurred mid-year in FY 2016-17.


Net operating expenditure increase of $1,032,000:

o+$506,000 increase in Salaries and Employee Benefits due to general salary and benefit cost increases and the mid-year net increase of 0.21 in part-time employee schedules.

o+$347,000 increase in Services and Supplies due to a $460,000 increase in applicant-funded consultant services offset by a decrease of $69,000 in Long Range Planning contract-based grant projects and $44,000 in miscellaneous office expenses such as printing and office supplies.

o+$179,000 increase in Other Charges due to a $250,000 increase in coastal mitigation grant awards offset by a decrease of $43,000 in motor pool charges and $28,000 in general liability insurance charges.

Net non-operating expenditure increase of $408,000:

o+$339,000 increase in Other Financing Uses reflecting an increased transfer to the Community Services Department for expenditures related to the Jalama Beach affordable overnight accommodations.

o+$57,000 increase in Increases to Fund Balances primarily reflecting potential changes in Petroleum Fund fund balance available.

o+$12,000 increase in Capital Assets representing changing equipment replacement needs.


These changes result in Recommended operating expenditures of $20,337,000 and non-operating expenditures of $1,090,000, for total expenditures of $21,427,000.


oNet operating revenue increase of $1,755,000: 

o+$1,378,000 increase in Licenses, Permits, and Franchises reflects projected increases in planning and building permit revenue due to increased cost recovery through newly adopted fee adjustments.

o+$745,000 increase in Charges for Services reflecting increases in applicant-funded consultant services and petroleum inspection fee revenue. 

o-$276,000 decrease in Miscellaneous Revenue reflects decreased Coastal Resource Enhancement Fund fees as a result of the shutdown of the Plains pipeline.

o-$158,000 decrease in Intergovernmental Revenue reflecting reduced grant funding for Long Range Planning projects.

o+$55,000 increase in Fines, Forfeitures, and Penalties reflecting an accounting shift of administrative fine revenue from Licenses, Permits, and Franchises to Fines, Forfeitures, and Penalties.

o+$11,000 increase in Use of Money and Property for Interest Income.


Net non-operating revenue decrease of $316,000:

o-$1,130,000 decrease in General Fund Contribution reflects a reduction in General Fund allocation of $1,000,000 offset by anticipated increases in fee revenues resulting from newly adopted fee adjustments, and a $130,000 reduction per Board-adopted budget allocation policy.

o+$864,000 increase in Use of Fund Balances reflects a $339,000 increased transfer amount of mitigation funds to the Community Services Department for the Jalama cabins project, $324,000 for mitigation grant program, and use of $43,000 to fund Long Range Planning consultant services offset by various changes in use of fund balance for one-time needs.

o-$50,000 decrease in Other Financing Sources reflecting reduced grant funding for Long Range Planning projects.


These changes result in Recommended operating revenues of $15,519,000, non-operating revenues of $5,908,000, for total revenues of $21,427,000.

Proposed Changes and Operational Impact


The FY 2018-19 proposed budget projects an overall General Fund shortfall of $610,000.  Projected fee revenue increases will offset nearly half of the $612,000 in projected Salary and Benefit increases in FY 2018-19, leaving a Salary and Benefit shortfall of $317,000.  Projected general increases of $155,000 in ongoing Services and Supplies and Other Charges costs, a proposed $95,000 reduction in General Fund Contribution, as well as the one-time use of $43,000 in fund balance for Long Range Planning consultant services in FY 2017-18, when combined with the portion of Salary and Benefit increases unrecovered through revenue, results in the projected overall General Fund shortfall of $610,000 in FY 2018-19.

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