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Mission Statement

The mission of the Agricultural Commissioner’s Office is to protect agriculture, natural resources, and the quality of life in Santa Barbara County.

About the Department

The Agricultural Commissioner’s Office enforces laws and regulations in our agricultural and weights & measures programs. The Pesticide Use Enforcement and Pest Prevention are the main components of the Agriculture budget program. These programs are designed to ensure the safe and legal use of pesticides and to prevent the introduction of harmful exotic pests.  The Department also issues over 8,000 Phytosanitary certificates a year that enable local agricultural products to enter the global marketplace.   


The Weights & Measures budget program protects businesses and consumers by ensuring fairness in the marketplace.  Inspectors check the accuracy of over 6,500 commercial devices in the County each year and check over 750 stores with point-of-sale (scanner) systems for pricing accuracy.


The Department also provides education and outreach to farmers, farm workers, businesses and the public on regulatory compliance, integrated pest management, reduced risk pesticide use, and pests of concern.

Recommended Changes and Operational Impact



Net Increase of ‘0' FTE:

oCurrent staffing level is at 33.0 FTEs.

oThe department is fully staffed.


Net operating expenditures increase of  $63,000 is primarily due to:

o+$181,700 increase in Salaries and Employee Benefits reflects an increase in regular salaries, retirement,  Social Security,  medical insurance costs and unemployment insurance costs.

o-$140,000 decrease in Services and Supplies due to:

-$130,000 decrease in Special Projects.

-$22,000 decrease in professional and special services

-$7,600 decrease in transportation and travel

+$19,600 increase in other Services and Supplies. 

o+$21,600 increase in Other Charges for Utilities and Other Services.


These changes result in Recommended operating expenditures of $5,208,991, and other financing uses of $25,000 for total expenditures of $5,233,991.



Net operating revenue increase of $204,500 is primarily due to: 

o+$369,800 increase in Intergovernmental Revenue for our agricultural programs

o$190,100 decrease in Charges for Services due to the completion of weed abatement grants.

o+$24,800 increase in Licenses, Permits and Franchises due to new businesses being added to the Weights and Measures database.


These changes result in Recommended operating revenues of $3,604,891, non-operating revenues of $1,629,100 and total revenues of $5,233,991.  Non-operating revenues primarily include General Fund Contribution and transfers from another department.


Proposed Changes and Operational Impact


Operating expenditures in FY 2018-2019 are expected to increase $260,300, primarily in the area of Salaries and Employee Benefits due to increases in retirement and health insurance costs and Other Charges primarily due to increases in utility charges and increases in motor pool charges.


Operating revenue is projected to increase by $311,600 primarily due to increased State revenue for agricultural programs.


Non-operating revenue is expected to have a decrease of $46,500 due to a reduction of Intra-fund transfer and a decrease in the general fund contribution allocation formula.


The combination of increased operating expenditures and an increase in total revenue in FY 2018-2019 will result in a projected balanced budget maintaining existing service levels. 

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