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Helping our community be safe, supported, and self-sufficient.

About the Department

Governed primarily by Federal and State mandates, the Department of Social Services provides services and programs critical to delivering a countywide system of health, security, and safety for vulnerable County residents. For purposes of this document, our activities are separated into four budget programs:


Administration & Support provides the infrastructure needed to effectively and efficiently operate the direct service areas of the Department. This includes policy direction, financial planning and accounting, human resources, employee relations, staff development, quality assurance, technology, facilities management, disaster response, and special projects. 

Public Assistance and Welfare to Work Activities includes our programs for food aid (CalFresh), cash aid (CalWORKs, General Relief), and job services (Welfare to Work, Workforce Resource Centers, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, and the Workforce Development Board).

Medi-Cal Eligibility includes our activities to provide affordable health coverage (Medi-Cal, Covered California).

Protective Services for Children, Adults, and the Disabled includes our programs to investigate and respond to allegations of abuse or neglect of children (Child Welfare Services) and seniors or dependent adults (Adult Protective Services), our In-Home Supportive Services program for seniors or disabled adults who need help in order to stay safely in their home, our Supplemental Security Income Advocacy program to assist individuals with the application process and help stabilize living situations, and the Adult and Aging and KIDS Networks that coordinate programs and services that impact the well-being of children, seniors, and individuals with disabilities.


The Department serves the community with full-service offices in Santa Maria, Lompoc, and Santa Barbara; and utilizes technology, out-stationed staff, and community partnerships to provide services to clients countywide.

Recommended Changes and Operational Impact



A decrease from 899.8 FTEs in the FY 2016-17 Adopted Budget to 735.0 FTEs in the FY 2017-18 Recommended Budget, resulting in a net decrease of 164.8 FTEs.  The reduction will be achieved by un-funding both filled and vacant positions.




Net Operating Expenditures decrease of -$6,533,000 primarily due to: 

o-$6,185,000 net decrease in Salaries and Employee Benefits is due to a reduction of 164.8 FTEs, net of FY 2016-17 salary savings, resulting in a reduction in net salary costs (-$975,000), associated employee benefits including retirement and health insurance cost (-$3,753,000), workers compensation costs (-$528,000), and extra help and overtime costs (-$929,000). 

o+$1,305,000 increase in Services and Supplies primarily due to a transition in In-Home Supportive Services from an Maintenance of Effort to traditional County share of 35% of the Non-Federal share (+$1,453,000), a wage increase to $12.00 per hour provided to Individual Providers (+$450,000), an increase in Contractual Services (+$861,000), and an increase (+$867,000) related to County Cost Allocation Plan, Psychiatric Services provided to CalWORKs clients and Legal Fees; combined with a decrease (-$2,325,000) mainly in information technology services and support, software maintenance and purchases, District Attorney cost of salaries and benefits for fraud investigations, postage, office supplies, technology related hardware purchases, and Child Welfare contracts.  

o-$1,653,000 net decrease in Other Charges related mainly due to a net decrease in Cash Assistance payments (-$1,913,000)  primarily due to CalWORKs caseload trending lower than the past several years and Emergency Assistance payments; combined with increases (+$345,000) for Trafficking and Crime Victims Assistance Program, General Relief payments, the Approved Relative Caregiver, Foster Care, Extended Foster Care, and Kinship Guardian Assistance payments, and Adoptions assistance payments and increases in supportive services for child care, transportation, work or training expenses, books, tools, uniforms or other special clothing  for Welfare to Work, CalWORKs Housing Support and Child Care programs, and a decrease in Motor Pool charges (-$85,000).

Net Non-Operating Expenditure increase of +$191,000:

o+$345,000 net increase in Capital Assets includes new Information Technology hardware projects for servers, Storage Area Network and an Uninterruptible Power Supply unit to support Storage Area Network (+$275,000), various electronic data processing hardware under $5,000 (+$50,000), and a decrease of (-$135,000) for carpet replacement for the Lompoc office installed in FY 2016-17.

o-$43,000 net decrease in Other Financing Uses due to vehicle purchases incurred in FY 2016-17 (-$37,500) with no planned purchases in FY 2017-18, and Gender Specific Counseling-Probation (-$5,000).

o-$111,000 decrease in Restricted Fund Balance primarily in Senate Bill 163 Wraparound Program resulting in a reduction of estimated slot revenue from $1,888,764 to $1,777,208, which is driven by less than anticipated 2011 Realignment revenue. 


These changes result in recommended Operating Expenditures of $167,706,000, Non-Operating Expenditures of $3,554,000, resulting in Total Expenditures of $171,260,000. Non-Operating Expenditures primarily include Capital Asset, Other Financing Uses, and Increases in Fund Balances.



Net Operating Revenue decrease of -$8,875,000 primarily due to:

o-$8,868,000 net decrease in Intergovernmental Revenue primarily due to:  

+$137,000 increase in State Aid for Dependent Children.

+$133,000 increase in State Aid for Families with Dependent Children-Foster Care.

+$26,000 increase for other minor changes.

-$200,000 decrease in Federal and State funds for CalFresh administration primarily due to CalFresh Waiver Phase-out.

-$500,000 decrease in 1991 Realignment growth revenue budgeted in FY 2016-17 Adopted that did not materialize.

-$1,297,000 decrease in In-Home Supportive Services funding reflecting a shift in responsibility from the State to the County.

-$1,683,000 decrease in Federal and State funds for Medi-Cal administration due to actual allocation being lower than Adopted estimated allocation.

-$2,455,000 decrease in CalWORKs Cash Assistance revenue due to estimated caseload reductions.

-$3,029,000 decrease in Federal and State funds for CalWORKs administration due to reduced State allocation and prior utilization of one-time Incentive funds which won’t be available in FY 2017-18.

Net Non Operating Revenue increase of $2,533,000 primarily due to:

o+$377,000 net increase in the use of Fund Balance to fund ongoing operations. 

o+$1,004,000 net increase in one-time General Fund primarily due to the one-time additional funding to cover the potential increases in the local In-Home Supportive Services Maintenance of Effort costs to County mandated share (+$2,000,000), an increase to cover CalFresh local match (+$106,000) to draw down the full CalFresh State allocation, additional local matching funds (+$386,000) to draw down CalFresh State redistribution of $900,000 and Federal funding of $1,290,000, offset by the decrease from prior year one-time General Fund Contribution (-$1,488,000).

o+$1,152,000 net increase in ongoing General Fund Contribution primarily to cover an increase in CalFresh local match (+$418,000) to draw down a reduced CalFresh State allocation, an increase In-Home Supportive Services County mandated share (+$470,000) of Maintenance of Effort, an increase to fund the local match of the $0.70 wage increase in the Individual Provider rate (+$450,000) an increase for salary and benefits (+$194,000) and a 5% decrease to the General Fund Contribution (-$381,000).


These changes result in Recommended Operating Revenues of $155,234,000, Non-Operating Revenues of $16,026,000 resulting in Total Revenues of $171,260,000. Non-operating Revenues primarily include General Fund Contribution, Transfers, and Decreases to Fund Balances.

Proposed Changes and Operational Impact


Salaries and Employee Benefits are expected to have a net decrease (-$752,000) primarily due to a reduction of staff funded by one-time General Fund Contribution and the associated Federal and State funding (-$4,361,000), offset primarily by increases (+$3,609,000) due to COLA , merit increases, and retirement (+$2,663,000) and health benefits (+$640,000) costs. 

Public assistance payments are anticipated to increase (+$1,660,000) primarily in CalWORKs (+$971,000) and Adoption Assistance (+$674,000) programs due to caseload increases as well as cost per case increases.

The Net Financial Impact is expected to increase (+$8,868,000) due to increases in expenditures requiring County match (+$3,843,000) combined with the loss of one-time funds (-$5,025,000) for County match.  Increases in the Net Financial Impact are mainly impacted by increases in County match for the In-Home Supportive Services program (+$3,429,000), Child Welfare Services program (+$1,993,000), Medi-Cal administration (+$1,757,000), CalWORKs administration (+$1,056,000), and CalFresh administration (+$508,000), and the remainder (+$125,000) in smaller programs.

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