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Mission Statement

We, the members of your Sheriff’s Office, are responsible for enforcing the laws, upholding the Constitutions, and providing custody and court services.  We are committed to enhancing the quality of life through effective partnerships, protecting persons and property while serving as role models to our community.

About the Department

The County of Santa Barbara covers 2,737 square miles. The Sheriff also serves as the County Coroner.  The Coroners bureau investigates all suspicious deaths in the county.  


The Sheriff’s Office provides law enforcement services for the unincorporated area of the County, plus the cities of Buellton, Carpinteria, Goleta, and Solvang by contract. In addition, we contract with the United States Forest Service, the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians, Santa Maria Joint Union High School and various other non-profits.  The Sheriff’s Office manages the joint Fire/Sheriff Air Support Bureau and the County Dispatch center. 


The Sheriff’s Office provides correctional services for the entire County. The Sheriff’s Office has a staffing level of 662.81 full time employees who work at 28 different work sites throughout the County.


The Sheriff’s Office provides security services to the Santa Barbara Superior Courts.


The Sheriff’s Office has four budget programs, (1) Administration & Support, (2) Custody Operations, (3) Law Enforcement Operations, and (4) Court Security Services. 

Recommended Changes and Operational Impact



FTEs decrease 6.27 from 669.08 to 662.81 due to:

oDecrease of 6.0 Custody Deputy positions from the Santa Maria Branch Jail 

oDecrease of 1.0 Sheriff Sergeant and 4.0 Sheriff Special Duty Deputy positions in the Special Operations Bureau

oDecrease of 7.0 Sheriff Deputy positions of the Court Services Bureau

oDecrease of 10.0 Custody Deputy positions of Main Jail staff 

oDecrease of 1.0 Sheriff Deputy Special Duty position, eliminating the Dos Pueblos School Resource Deputy

oDecrease of 1.0 Sheriff Deputy Special Duty position, eliminating the Santa Ynez High and Cabrillo High School Resource Deputy

oDecrease of 2.0 Sheriff Deputy Special Duty positions in County Air Support Unit 

oDecrease of by 0.81 Sheriff Sergeants, 0.53 Sheriff Deputy Special Duty and 1.08 Sheriff Deputy positions in the Isla Vista Foot patrol due to the 9.0 positions being funded for only 3 quarters of the year

oDecrease of 2.0 Sheriff Special Duty Deputy positions transferred to Fire for Air Support Unit

oIncrease of 16.15 positions for the North Branch Jail project 

oIncrease of 10.0 positions for Lost Time for patrol

oIncrease of 2.0 positions for Enhanced Chumash Enforcement

oIncrease of 1.0 position for Goleta City Contract

oIncrease of 1.0 position that is grant funded.


Net operating expenditure increase of $6.8 million due to:

o+$3.2 million increase in Salaries and Employee Benefits primarily due to:

+$1.8 million increase in Retirement Contribution

+$0.5 million increase in Regular Salaries due to negotiated cost of living increases

+$0.5 million increase in Workers Compensation

+$0.4 million increase in Extra Help

o+$2.9 million increase in Services and Supplies primarily due to:

+$1.9 million increase in Professional & Special Services costs for Jail Inmate Medical and Mental Health increases.

+$765,000 increase in Special Departmental Costs costs for the Jail Inmate Commissary purchases.

+$87,000 increase in IT Software Maintenance costs due to upgrades in Jail software programs.

+$65,000 increase in IT Software Purchases costs due to Jail Electronic Medical Records and Dispatch software.

o+$0.7 million increase in Other Charges primarily due to:

+$547,000 increase in the Liability Insurance premiums.

+$84,000 increase in the cost of water due to rate increases and surcharges from the Goleta Water District primarily for the Main Jail campus.

+$54,000 increase in charges for services from the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) unit of the General Services Department.

+$49,000 increase in Sewer costs.

Net non-operating expenditures decrease of $0.9 million due to: 

o-$0.6 million decrease in Capital Assets primarily due to the replacement of Live Scan system in the prior year.

o-$0.3 million decrease in Other Financing Uses primarily due to decrease in transfers to Fire department due to transfer of staff.


These changes result in Recommended operating expenditures of $136,754,172, non-operating expenditures of $1,752,350 and total expenditures of $138,506,522.  Non-operating expenditures include capital assets, transfers to other departments, debt service, and increases to fund balances.



Net operating revenue increase of $2.8 million due to:

o+$1.4 million increase in Charges for Services primarily due to:

+$949,000 increase in Contract City Law Enforcement Services agreements.

+$463,000 increase in Other Law Enforcement Services.

o+$298,000 increase in Use of Money & Property due Jail Inmate Commissary purchases.

o+561,000 increase in Intergovernmental Revenue primarily due to:

+$199,000 increase in Proposition 172 revenue.

+$144,000 increase in various 2011 Local Realignment revenue.

+$139,000 increase in State Other revenue due to increases in various State grants.

+$79,000 increase in Federal Other revenue due to increases in various Federal grants.

o+$539,000 net increase in miscellaneous operating revenues due to increased commissary sales.


Net non-operating revenue increase of $3.1 million due to:

o+$2.1 million increase in General Fund Contribution.

o-$629,000 decrease in Other Financing Sources due to:

-$725,000 decrease in Operating Transfers from Fire due to update to MOU for Air Support Unit.

+$85,000 increase in Operating Transfer from Fire for Dispatch.

+$11,000 increase in Operation Transfers for Orcutt Community District Funds.

o+$1.6 million increase in Fund Balances and Intrafund Transfers due to:

+$2.0 million increase in New Jail Operations for funding of New North Branch Jail Custody Deputies.

+$1.2 million increase in Operating Plans for Lost Time

-$1.0 million decrease in Program Restoration for one time funding.

-$435,000 decrease due to completion of the Live Scan project in the prior year.

-$193,000 decrease in Fund Balance for the Inmate Welfare fund due to funded vacancies within the program.

+$88,400 increase in Sheriff Projects due to Jail Electronic Medical Records project.

-$75,000 decrease in Sheriff Categorical Grants due to the completion of the Civil software upgrade.

+$8,400 increase in Local Realignment 2011 for California Methamphetamine Grant.

+$1,200 increase in Donations from miscellaneous donations.


These changes result in Recommended operating revenues of $55,982,030, non-operating revenues of $82,524,492, and total revenues of $138,506,522.  Non-operating revenues include primarily General Fund Contribution, transfers and decreases to fund balances.

Proposed Changes and Operational Impact



The FY 2018-19 Proposed Budget includes an increase in staffing levels of 2.30 FTE for the north branch jail project compared to the FY 2017-18 Recommended Budget.  The increase of $5.1 million in the operating budget for FY 2018-19 compared to FY 2017-18 is due to $4.9 million increase in Salaries & Employee Benefits due primarily to increases in salary increases and retirement expenses and a $0.3 million increase in Other Charges due to increased costs offset by a $0.1 million decrease in Services & Supplies.



Operating revenues are expected to increase $1.0 million. This increase is offset by a $4.4 million decrease in FY 2018-19 non-operating revenue over the FY 2017-18 Recommended Budget, driven primarily by decreases in General Fund Contribution and One Time Funding.

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