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Protect and serve the community by providing information and recommendations to the Courts; providing safe, secure, and effective juvenile detention and treatment programs; enforcing court orders and post release community supervision conditions, requiring offender responsibility/accountability, and supporting rehabilitation; and supporting victims of crimes by facilitating reparation and restitution collection.

About the Department

The Probation Department, established in 1909, has been providing effective community corrections solutions to Santa Barbara County residents for over 100 years. The Department provides custody, education, vocational, and treatment services for youth detained at the Santa Maria Juvenile Hall (SMJH) and the Los Prietos Boys Camp (LPBC). The Department also provides investigation and supervision services for juvenile and adult offenders as ordered by the Santa Barbara County Superior Court, supervises adult offenders realigned to the County by the State as a result of the 2011 Public Safety Realignment Act (AB109), and provides victim assistance through notification services and the collection of restitution. 


The Department has implemented a wide variety of evidence-based programs to strengthen families, suppress gang activity, and address alcohol and drug abuse as these behaviors contribute to criminal activity. These programs, created in collaboration with the Courts, schools, local law enforcement agencies, and County health and human services departments, are located throughout Santa Barbara County.

Recommended Changes and Operational Impact



Net decrease of 5.0 FTEs:

oDecrease of 2.0 FTE as a result of the reduction of juvenile supervision officers.

oDecrease of 1.0 FTE as a result of the elimination of one (1) of four (4) adult bank supervision officers.

oDecrease of 1.0 FTE as a result of the reduction of support staffing for Juvenile Court Services.

oDecrease of 3.0 FTE as a result of the restructuring of north county juvenile supervision.

oDecrease of 1.0 FTE as a result of the elimination of a staff shared between the community service work and revenue recovery programs.

oDecrease of 2.0 FTE as a result of realigning Home Detention duties to Juvenile Field Services.

oDecrease of 1.0 FTE as a result of the creation of restitution collection procedure for unsupervised cases.

oIncrease of 2.0 FTE as a result of the implementation of an AB109 funded, supervised pre-trial release program.

oIncrease of 4.0 FTE as a result of positions funded by the CEO to address changes to juvenile hall supervision ratios resulting from compliance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) standards.


Net operating expenditures increase of +$1,797,000 primarily due to:

o+$1,440,000 increase in Salaries and Employee Benefits due to retirement increase (+$941,000) workers compensation increase (+$288,000), salary increase (+$258,000), health insurance increase (+144,000), and partially offset by a decrease in accrued salary and benefits (-$174,000).

o+$318,000 increase in Services and Supplies due to increases in Professional and Special services related to the Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparity (R.E.D.) grant (+$82,000), increased appropriations for office supplies (+$56,000), increased expenditures for medical costs for juveniles (+$33,000), increased maintenance and improvement expenditures for replacing carpet at the Camp ($31,000), increased food costs in the institutions (+$26,000), increased copier expense (+$26,000), increased travel and training costs (+$23,000), and increased software maintenance fees (+$13,000). 

o+$39,000 increase in Other Charges due to an increase utilities cost (+$70,000), an increase in General Services Communications cost (+$18,000), and a decrease to liability insurance (-$50,000).


Net non-operating expenditures decrease of -$75,000 primarily due to:

o+$144,000 increase in Capital expenditures for a remodel project at the Camp.

o+$45,000 increase in Intrafund Expenditure Transfers due to increased Public Safety Realignment Funding to the District Attorney (+$21,000) and the Public Defender (+$16,000), and increased fines collected being transferred to the Court (+$8,000).

o-$264,000 decrease in Increases to Fund Balances due to the loss of a funding stream for local law enforcement that is no longer available to Probation for use in FY 2018-19 (-$157,000), incorporating Assembly Bill (AB) 1476 funding into ongoing operations (-$133,000), and an increase for Youthful Offender Block Grant (YOBG) revenue (+$26,000.)


These changes result in Recommended operating expenditures of $55,798,000, non-operating expenditures of $912,000, and total expenditures of $56,710,000.  Non-operating expenditures primarily include Capital Expenditures, Intrafund Transfers, and Increases to Fund Balances. 



Net operating revenues increase of $1,400,000 primarily due to:

o+$1,364,000 increase in Intergovernmental Revenue primarily due to:

+$1,477,000 increase to 2011 Public Safety Realignment revenue due to increased Juvenile Probation Activities (JPA) revenue (+$864,000), increased AB109 revenue (+$481,000), increased YOBG revenue (+$195,000), increased Juvenile Reentry revenue (+$81,000), increased Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act (JJCPA) revenue (+$8,000), decreased SB678 revenue (-$84,000), decrease due to the loss of the Local Law Enforcement Grant (-$34,000), and decreased Juvenile Probation and Camps (-$33,000).

+$97,000 increase in Proposition 172 Public Safety Sales Tax.

+$6,000 increase in Federal meal reimbursement at the institutions.

-$190,000 decrease in Federal Title IV-E revenue due to decreased reimbursable activities and a decreased rate of Federal eligibility.

-$24,000 decrease in Federal Grant revenue due to the termination of the Juvenile Accountability and Incentive Block Grant (-$28,000), decrease in Office of Traffic Safety grant for a DUI caseload (-$11,000), and an increase to the Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparity grant (+$15,000).


o+$22,000 increase in Charges for Services primarily due to an increase in monthly supervision fees collection (+$46,000), increase in Los Prietos Business Center revenue (+$8,000), and decrease in daily rate charges for youth held in the institutions (-$31,000).


o+$14,000 increase in Fines, Forfeitures, and Penalties primarily due to increased victim restitution collection service fee (+$11,000), increase in Los Prietos Business Center revenue (+$5,000), increased penalty assessment collections (+$2,000), and decreased Proposition 69 revenue (-$5,000).


Net non-operating revenues increase of $322,000 due to:

o+$395,000 increase in General Fund Contribution.

o-$140,000 decrease in Other Financing Sources funding from the Department of Behavioral Wellness for Collaborative Courts (-$135,000), and a reduction in SB163 budget revenue for female specific counseling due to the contract being less than budget (-$5,000).

o+87,000 increase in the use of restricted fund balance to fund operations and capital improvements due to an increased reliance on fund balance as a result of increased use of one time funding for the JJCPA program (+$272,000), increased use of one time SB678 revenue due to a reduction in revenue (+$213,000), increased use of donated funds for capital improvements at the Camp ($175,000), increased revenue for YOBG (-$244,000), decrease due to AB 1476 funding which was incorporated into operating revenues in the current fiscal year (-$215,000), decrease due to the loss of the Local Law Enforcement Grant (-$124,000), 

o-$20,000 decrease in Intrafund Expenditure Transfers for the loss of funding provided by the Sheriff Department related to Byrne Justice Assistance Grant.


These changes result in Recommended operating revenues of $28,551,000, non-operating revenues of $28,159,000, and total revenues of $57,710,000.  Non-operating revenues primarily include General Fund Contribution, transfers and decreases to fund balances.

Proposed Changes and Operational Impact


The FY 2018-19 Proposed budget assumes no change in staffing levels from the FY 2017-18 Recommended budget and reflects a $2,197,000 increase in operating expenditures primarily due to:

+$1,047,000 increase in salary costs associated with negotiated labor agreements.

+$773,000 increase in retirement costs.

+$273,000 in increased Health Insurance costs.

+$158,000 in Workers Compensation premiums.

-$88,000 decrease in payments to community based organizations (CBO) due to expiring grants.

+$51,000 increase in utility charges.

+$39,000 increase in payments to General Services Department for County Information Technology Services, telephones, and Motor Pool charges.

-$31,000 decrease in maintenance and structural improvements for carpet replacements at the Camp.

-$28,000 decrease in overtime costs.

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