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Mission Statement

The mission of the District Attorney is to pursue truth and justice by employing the highest ethical standards in vigorously prosecuting the guilty, protecting the innocent, and preventing crime.

About the Department

The mandatory duty of the District Attorney is to diligently and vigilantly pursue those who are believed to have violated the criminal codes of the State (People v. Hartman (1985) 170 Cal.App.3d 572 and California Government Code § 26500). The District Attorney also has the duty to protect the rights of victims of crime, where “victims of crime are entitled to have the criminal justice system view criminal acts as serious threats to the safety and welfare of the People of California” (California Constitution, Art. I § 28 and Marsy’s Law). 


The District Attorney is responsible for the prosecution of adult and juvenile offenders for felony and misdemeanor crimes or civil violations countywide. The District Attorney team consists of deputy district attorneys, criminal investigators, victim advocates, legal support staff, administrative and IT staff housed in Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, and Lompoc. The team is organized to review, file, and prepare cases for prosecution; enforce terms and conditions of criminal probationers; assist victims throughout the criminal process, including efforts to recover restitution; and participate in proactive efforts to deter crime.


The District Attorney has three budget programs: Administration and Support, Criminal Prosecution, and Civil/Environmental Prosecution, as described below.

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