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Through collaboration, effective management, and organizational leadership, ensure delivery of high quality and responsive County services in accordance with the Board of Supervisors’ strategic goals, operational priorities, and budgeted leadership.

About the Department

The County Executive Office (CEO) is responsible for implementing the policy directives of the Board of Supervisors as well as achieving the County’s overall mission, goals, and objectives.  The County Executive Office works with all departments to create a County government that embodies trust, ethics, accountability, professionalism, innovation and customer focused quality public service while following the policy direction of the Board.  The County Executive Office manages the day-to-day operations and functions of county government and prepares the organization to address future challenges.


The County Executive Office is comprised of three budget programs:

1.County Management – This program is made up of Executive Management, Budget & Research, Clerk of the Board, Legislative Advocacy, and Public Information.  This program provides leadership, strategic planning, and oversight to the County and implements the Board of Supervisors’ policy directives.

2.Emergency Management – This program provides leadership, coordination, facilities, equipment, and training in preparing for and administering disaster response and recovery throughout the County.

3.Risk Management – This program mitigates the County’s risk of financial losses in the areas of medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, and general liability.

Recommended Changes and Operational Impact




Decrease of 3.0 FTE:

o-1.0 FTE decrease to County Management due to the transfer of the Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) Office to the Department of Human Resources.

o-1.0 FTE decrease to County Management for a vacant unfunded Department Business Specialist as a budget reduction strategy

o-1.0 FTE decrease to the Office of Emergency Management for a vacant unfunded Emergency Manager. This reduction is a result of reduced revenues from Oil & Gas, Nuclear Power Programs, and correction for a structural deficit.




Net operating expenditure decrease of $1,576,000:

o-$287,000 decrease to Salaries and Employee Benefits due to the unfunding two vacant positions and downgrading an additional position (-$232,000), increase retirement costs (+$28,000) and a decrease to all other employee benefits (-$83,000).  The increases to pension and employee benefits were offset by overall salary reductions due to staff transitions and unfunding vacant positions. 

o-$1,588,000 decrease to Services and Supplies due primarily to decreases to Risk Management insurance costs (-$534,000), decrease to disability medical costs (-$471,000), decrease to legal fees (-$166,000), decrease to indemnity expenses (-$484,000), and a decrease of (-$67,000) to Risk Management’s special departmental expense. These expenses are expected to continue to decrease as the County closes self-insured risk claims incurred prior to the County adopting a primary insurance program in 2010.  

o+$299,000 increase to Other Charges due primarily to the increase to the cost and number of insurance and malpractice claims within the Countywide Risk Management programs (+$280,000) and the overall increase in communication services of (+$19,000).


Net non-operating expenditure decrease of $139,000:

o-$139,000 decrease to Retained Earnings account for Office of Emergency Management due to a draw of $139,000 to structurally balance the department in fiscal year 2017-18.


These changes result in Recommended operating expenditures of $36,385,000, a decrease to non-operating expenditures of $139,000, and total expenditures of $36,784,000.  Non-operating expenditures are a decrease to fund balance. 




Net operating revenue increase of $671,000:

o+$469,000 increase to Miscellaneous Revenue primarily due to reimbursements from County departments for Risk Management insurance costs.

o+$161,000 increase in Intergovernmental Revenue due to grant awards for the Homeland Security Grant, the Emergency Management Grant, and the Hazard Mitigation Grant.

o-$10,000 decrease to Charges for Services, due primarily to a reduction in planning studies services in OEM for their Oil and Gas programs.

o+$51,000 increase to Use of Money and Property as a result of an increase in the interest earned for Risk Management funds.


Net non-operating revenue decrease of $2,385,000: 

o-$2,120,000 decrease to Decrease to Fund Balance due to the insurance premium charges from Risk Management to the department covering the costs of providing the insurance without having to use Fund Balance.

o-$275,000 decrease to the General Fund Contribution to meet the 2017-18 budget gap target.

o+$10,000 increase to Intrafund Expenditure Transfers to recover the cost of providing the Information Technology support to other departments.


These changes result in Recommended Operating Revenues of $29,729,000, Non-Operating Revenues of $7,055,000, and Total Revenues of $36,784,000.  Non-operating revenues primarily include General Fund Contribution, transfers and changes to fund balances.

Proposed Changes and Operational Impact


The FY 2018-19 proposed expenditures reflect a $1,033,000 increase over the FY 2017-18 Recommended budget that is primarily the result of:


+$1,326,000 increase to Services & Supplies driven primarily by an increase in insurance expense of (+$1,729,000), an increase in the Cost Allocation (+$355,000), a decrease in indemnity expense of (-$405,000), and a decrease in disability medical expenses (-$353,000).

+$152,000 increase Salaries & Benefits for increases to retirement, health insurance and employee salaries.

-$244,000 decrease to Increase to Retained Earnings and Committed Fund Balance as lower Risk Management savings are projected.

-$202,000 decrease to Other Charges.

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